Vehicle Branding

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Full or Half Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wrap is effectively a mobile billboard. We do this by printing onto high quality cast vinyls, inks & finished with a UV protection film. By using only high quality laminates, you are reducing the risk of scratches, abrasions this extends the life of your wrap. The Cast Vinyls we use are a high quality vinyls with extra polymers added, compared to low quality budget vinyl that has very little polymers added. The polymers give the vinyl the ability to stretch and conform without a memory of peeling back bubbling or popping out of corrugations.

Truck Wraps

When it comes to advertising bigger is better. And advertising doesn’t get much bigger or better than a truck or fleet of commercial delivery trucks. Your truck is potentially just one massive mobile advertising bill board. Full colour truck wrap advertising for cab and trailer or for box trucks is the ultimate in your face advertisement for your brand. The large surface area available on a truck means you can get your message out there in glorious full-colour larger-than-life graphics that can’t be ignored and generate instant brand recognition.

Bakkie Wraps

Some companies stand out from the crowd…

…you know them, their logos, graphics, and the brand they represent stand out like a golden ‘M’ on a red background. Your company fleet vehicles provide the perfect opportunity to get you brand out there in the public eye. Imagine, full colour images, graphics and messages emblazoned across your company vehicles, what a stunning, unforgettable impression for the 1,000’s of potential clients and customers who see your vehicles every day.

Truck Tarpaulins

Vinyl wraps offer one of the best advertising ROIs because they will be seen by 1,000’s of potential customers every day whether your vehicle is on the road or parked up. This is true whether you are a major commercial player with 100’s of vehicles or a small business with a single vehicle. Truck Tarpaulin branding or truck wrapping is like the best form of this advertising medium and has the highest impact in terms of the various forms of advertising available for the cost.

Vehicle Graphics

Custom car lettering draws positive attention to your business vehicles. It’s proven to be one of the most affordable but necessary marketing strategies. Customizing your business fleet with vinyl lettering and vehicle graphics will get them noticed. Your company fleet is always on the move, working in target markets or in transit to new markets. Take advantage of “advertising on the go” with custom car lettering.


The term “car sticker” is often used when describing a car decal but is not normally a common signage industry term. “Car decals” or “decals” are the terms most often used when looking for a car sign with an adhesive or sticky backing. Turn your car into a moving billboard with a custom vehicle decal. Available in three material options, our car decals are a great way to show off your brand and reach the masses as you cruise the roadways.

Food Trailer Manufacturing & Branding

Trailers are built using insulated panels. Easy to brand for that executive look. Gas grilles, boiler pot stoves, chip fryer, basins, water bottle and more

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