Fabricated and Architectural Signage

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3d Fabricated Letters & Signs

An extremely popular choice, 3D Signage catch the eye by standing out, away from your building. Business logos or images that complement your business name can be cut to design and electrically wired for effect, if desired. Businesses in malls all across the world use channel letters to set their name apart from the rest. Fabricated Aluminum Channel Letters can get your name up in lights with a style and individuality all your own. This versatile product allows almost any logo or corporate identity to be brought to life.

Single Sided Lightbox

Light box signage, an illuminated statement day and night. Lightboxes and illuminated signage increase visibility of your premises. They are less expensive and easier to maintain than neon. We can custom build a light box to your requirements or replace the panels in your existing unit. The standout as an Illuminated statement day and night, Increase visibility with backlit graphics, Less expensive and easier to maintain than neon, Custom built light boxes or replacement panels made for an existing unit thereby making them a cost effective branding solution.

Printed Backlit Fabrication Signs

Face-Lighted Channel Letters can incorporate many different plexiglass combinations to produce solid color, day/night color reversals, and exposed neon effects. Back-Lighted Channel Letters an elegant use of channel letters. These metal face letters are lighted internally from behind producing halo’s of light which outline your logo and copy elements. Back-Light/ Face-Light Combos The best of both worlds! Light up your logo with this eye catching configuration.

Fabricated Opal Halo Letters

Halo illumination creates a soft glow of light around a built-up metal or acrylic letter as LEDs are positioned to shine out from the reverse of the letter. Used alone or in combination with a face lit effect, halo illumination adds sophistication to a sign project whether mounted to a sign tray panel, fascia or substrate or installed individually. When added to a letter with a non-illuminated face, halo illumination brings clarity and definition to the letter and is often selected for letters with a shallow depth or small sign sizes.

Reception Signs

First impressions last. Make a striking and professional statement to all your customers and clients at the first point of contact. Incorporate your logo, colours and graphics in a combination of applications including 3-Dimensional, acrylic, aluminium or vinyl to enhance your company profile. Impressive display of corporate image. Many design options – acrylic, aluminium, painted timber, glass, laminates, vinyl, digital graphics, 3-D lettering & logos, Variety of finishes available – frosted, vinyl and sprayed (paint) backings

LED Illuminated Letters

LED Illuminated letters of all styles can be created Digital Print & IT Solutions with illumination provided by a well-stocked and varied LED module range. Halo illuminated letters, face illuminated letters and side or return illuminated letters are prefered regularly, but we provide a number of more unusual options too. We supply LED bulbs for creating fairground style shapes, letters and signage suitable for both internal and external applications. Particularly suited to retail and leisure applications,

Directional Signage

When you have a big facility or want to make sure your guests and customers find their way easily, with safety and without delays, it is important to have a well designed project for Directories and Wayfinders. Our team is very experienced and efficient in suggesting the best solutions for your facility. We can help to create desired look and feel for next Office space, Commercial Center, Hotel or Education facility. And there is more: we also cater for many other sectors including Health, Commercial and Retail.

Aluminiun Signs

Finally, a signboard that does not rust or decompose! Light-weight yet strong, aluminum signs are one of the most durable sign materials available anywhere. When you are looking for a perfectly smooth finish, an aluminum sign projects a premium quality image. Plus, a custom aluminum sign can never rot or deteriorate like a standard wooden sign.Aluminum signs are perfect for stores, offices, reception areas and even building exteriors. Can be used to mark properties, directions

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs creates the biggest impact. This sign is visible at a main intersection where everyone has to stop for a traffic light. Pylon signs are put in a spot on the property that will have the highest visibility. We could build a double face neon pylon, or a flag mount style, or the more common fascia pylon sign. Pylons are visible at most malls used as outdoor directories. There are also post and panel pylon signs. These are quite often non-illuminated signs used as directories in hospitals, universities, office complexes etc.

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